American Car Magazine; Time to close the book on Project Kowalski this month as the Dodge gets the perfect final finishing touch with a trip to The Wheel Specialist in Fareham, and a smart makeover of its factory forged rims

Although Eibach’s project Dodge has had a plethora of fine upgrades bestowed upon it since this series began, one area of the car that had needed improvement since day one was its Alcoa forged wheels.

Team Eibach had toyed with several aftermarket alternatives for quite a while, thanks to their enviable connections in the business, but ultimately, the factory Alcoas, with their incredible light weight and forged construction were considered to be perfect … a full refurb was on the cards, with the capable team at The Wheel Specialists in Fareham being chosen for the task. … The Fareham outlet, under the watchful eye of husband and wife owners Vern and Sarah Kerr, along with daughter Holly, had appeared on the teams radar after prepping several particularly nice magazine project wheels to an insanely high standard.

With the car safely down in Hampshire at TWS’s impressive workshops, the lads quickly got on with removing the wheels to see what was what. Attention to detail is what separates a good job from a great one … Eibach had doubtless made a good decision with their choice of partner.

With the processes finishes, the wheels were returned to what appeared to be an almost ‘virgin’ state and were promptly shoved in the oven at great temperature prior to the coating process. … With the many, many years of experience the team has, the results that transpired were to be predictably brilliant. The only problem would now be which of the dizzying array of colours and finishes would Eibach choose? An impressive gallery of options on the workshop walls offers just about any combination of colour, masking, detailing and polishing you could fathom.

“Experience shows at this establishment!”

As the results show, the finish and results achieved more than justified the 340-mile round trip to Fareham to get the work done, and with the powder finish offering much greater durability against the British weather than the OEM diamond turned surface, the Dodge’s role as a daily driving demo is assured.

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