The Wheel Specialist has had a revolutionary new car care product developed that will change the way you wash your car forever.

Just imagine it’s a Sunday, you have finally plucked up the courage to get out of bed and wash the car. Only, just before you actually wash the car you have the usual routine to contend with, which inevitable means a fight with the hose, a struggle to find a clean bucket, and a garage that now resembles a swimming pool. Once you have finally unkinked the hose, found a clean bucket and sponge and squeezed out the remaining few drops out of an upturned washing up liquid bottle it is time to wash the car.

Now how long does this take the average person? Probably 1 hour – or the equivalent of an absolute waste of time. Only this ordeal is not over, you still need to actually clean your car using a million different products and accessories and have the same fight putting it all away.

You probably think this is part and parcel of the car washing routine. Well not any more. Times have changed; people are looking for a different option, one that doesn’t mean a car wash can take 45 minutes. We have a solution, a resolution, a way out. It is time to introduce The Wheel Specialist Waterless Car Wash ‘N’ Wax System.

Times have moved on, people are expecting a solution to these everyday bores. We have that solution, that glimmer of light that can fix all of these problems in a flash. A product that can enable people to clean their cars on the move, at work, even on the side of the road, this is a breakthrough product.

As the name suggests this new product is a waterless car wash and wax system that can enable the user to clean their car in around 15 minutes, anywhere, anytime and with no mess. All you need to clean your car is The Wheel Specialist spray and the microfibre cloths. It is as simple as that, spray on, wipe and buff. You will be amazed how quick you can clean your car and the little amount of effort required.

This product encompasses everything that a garage full of car care products does. It cleans, shines and protects your vehicle in one smooth, quick operation.

Not only is this product going to save you time, it is also incredibly environmentally friendly. Most people who wash their cars at home don’t realise where the contaminated water goes or how much is wasted. Home car washing releases contaminated water directly into the environment or into drains intended for rainwater. This causes pollution in our rivers, lakes and streams. Sound too good to be true? Why not pop in to your local branch to see for yourself.