Alloy wheel refurbishment can be a tricky job to get right, without the acquired knowledge years of experience provides. But how do you know as a customer where to go. Anyone can market a business well, a great looking website can be done now for pennies but it all boils down to the quality refurbishment service received, and no-one knows better than you the customer …

Here at The Wheel Specialist HQ we love to receive the hundreds of testimonials from happy customers in all of our nationwide branches.

An even bigger treat is when automotive opinion leaders such as; American Car Magazine, Performance VW Magazine, and BMW CAR magazine,  specialists themselves, have equally impressive thoughts on the quality of our service …

Performance VW

Finding the right wheel refurbisher isn’t an easy task, especially when you’re looking at entrusting somebody with your super rare wheels. … There’s no governing body to let you know if somebody is approved or any good. Even after 15 years in the modified car industry, I can probably count on one hand the companies I’d personally use or recommend; and one of them, who I recently entrusted with my rather unique Rotiform BTH, is The Wheel Specialist.”

American car magazine

Attention to detail is what separates a good job from a great one … Eibach had doubtless made a good decision with their choice of partner.

With the many, many years of experience The Wheel Specialist team has, the results that transpired were to be predictably brilliant. The only problem would now be which of the dizzying array of colours and finishes would Eibach choose? An impressive gallery of options on the workshop walls offers just about any combination of colour, masking, detailing and polishing you could fathom.

“Experience shows at this establishment!”

As the results show, the finish and results achieved more than justified the 340-mile round trip to Fareham to get the work done, and with the powder finish offering much greater durability against the British weather than the OEM diamond turned surface, the Dodge’s role as a daily driving demo is assured.

BMW CAR magazine

Director of the Fareham branch of The Wheel Specialist (TWS) is a genuine wheel lover and himself an owner of a set of BMW Style 5s. He’s an authority on the peculiarities of BMW split-rims, the options when it comes to refurbishing them and how to look after them once they’ve been done.

Here at The Wheel Specialist we have worked with wheels for decades – we haven’t simply added a wheel service to dent repairs or window tinting. We don’t deal with anything else – just wheels – we know the issues – we know how to help. In fact the name says it all.

Always copied but never bettered

The Wheel Specialist

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