Here at The Wheel Specialist we care about your safety, especially when it could affect the safety of your newly refurbished wheels.

According to research from LV car insurance, on UK roads, there are almost six million part worn tyres than do not meet the minimum safety standards. From 2009, there have been 23 million part worn tyres sold in the UK, however a quarter of these were illegal; this actually amounts to 1.5 million motorists.

Did you know, in alignment with UK law, all part worn tyres must be stamped to ensure they are checked and are within the legal requirements. Sadly only half (51%) of you, were aware this was the case. Over half a million motorists reported skidding whilst driving on part worn tyres since 2009 and 512,000 noticed longer braking distances.

As the UK is still suffering from a tough financial climate, part worn tyres are becoming increasingly popular to buy.

At The Wheel Specialist we pride ourselves in putting the customer first and always regarding your safety, and as we are not tied to any supplier we can be competitive with price.

Make sure you check your tyres regularly, ensuring they have at least 1.6mm of tread, over the central three-quarters of the width of the tread and around the entire circumference. If you are unsure, we are more than happy to have a look for you when your wheels are in for refurbishment, and if needed, will help you source new tyres at the best price for you.