The Wheel Specialist
As a branch of the nationwide alloy wheel repair specialists, John Tice and his team at The Wheel Specialist St Albans have built their reputation on supplying a first class wheel refurbishment of durable powder coat finishes. These hardwearing finishes are expertly designed to restore the life back into your wheels and have them looking better than new. This could be to return the wheel back to its original finish or completely transform the look of your car with a colour change customisation.
Expert in everything wheels; they also offer the following services; wheel straightening, cosmetic repair and most recently Diamond Cutting with their new in house lathe. This investment follows the recent increase in demand for diamond cut wheels. Unfortunately corrosion in diamond cut wheels is very common; stone chips, water and grit from the roads can tarnish the mirror face. However The Wheel Specialists bespoke lathe will restore your diamond cut wheels back to their former glory, in a quicker turnaround time than ever before and to the highest possible quality.
John Tice (Branch Director) said;
“We now believe ‘diamonds are forever’ with our bespoke lathe for all of your diamond cut requirements, our branch truly is a one stop shop for all of your alloy wheel refurbishment and customisation needs.
With the recent surge of diamond cut wheels in all makes and models, we saw the importance of having a purpose built lathe sent from the USA – there simply wasn’t anything near these standards in the UK. This specialist lathe ensures we can provide a top quality service with turnaround times faster than ever before.
This bespoke service compliments all of the services we provide, such as colour change and alloy wheel refurbishment, ensuring we live up to our name … the Wheel Specialist.”
The whole team expressed their excitement for their diamond cutting service, offering their knowledge and expertise to every customer, and encouraging people to come and visit the branch to see just what they can do.
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