Problems with a leaking tyre and tried everything you know to fix it?

It could be due to corrosion on your alloy wheel where the tyre is unable to seal correctly around the wheel.

At The Wheel Specialist we see many problems due to wheel corrosion and a full refurbishment is the only solution. Because we repair and refurbish the whole wheel and not just the front face like many refurbers you can be assured that the inner parts of the wheel will be as good as the front.

Under-inflated tyres are not only dangerous but also create more resistance when your car is moving. That means your car has to work harder, so more fuel is used, the life of your tyre is reduced and more CO2 emissions are produced.

So with The Wheel Specialist you not only get superb “just left the showroom” wheels you could fix that annoying leak as well.

From manufacturers colour matches to a completely new look you can turn your curbed and damaged wheels into something you can be proud of.

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