We supply many services as part of our alloy wheel repair and refurbishment treatment, These include diamond cutting, wheel respray, powder coating, customization, colour change and many more. One of our most popular services is powder coating.

If you are looking for powder coating then at the Wheel Specialist, we pride ourselves on our top of the range service, which has been in practice for over 25 years now. We offer this service across the UK in areas such as Nottingham, Swansea, Birmingham and many more locations. We are opening several new stores including one in Teeside in January 2016, which will have a fully trained team of employees.

The powder coating is a refurbishment process that will bring your wheels back to their supreme condition and can bring something new to the look of your vehicle. We will usually refurbish the wheels with the tyres off so you can bring them to us to strip and refit or just the wheels without the tyres, whatever is the most convenient for you.

We often recommend that people consider powder coating as an alternative to just replacing the wheel. This is a cheaper alternative and we aim to get the wheels looking as new as possible.

This process begins by blasting the wheels to remove previous layers of lacquer and paint; this leaves a smooth surface ready to be coated. Depending on the condition of the wheels, some may require a chemical stripping before the wheels are blasted.

The wheels are then prepared, dressed and any existing damage is filled to leave the rims and face as a smooth surface with no damage. We then apply a heat treatment, which reduces the air that is in the alloy.

We then apply a first powder coat finish, which needs curing for a specified amount of time depending on the size of the wheels. You may then choose to have a bespoke finish, which requires a wet-in-wet procedure. This then requires an extra thermal treatment. The lacquer coat enhances the finish and protects the alloy wheel from environmental influences such as UV radiation, weathering, moisture, dirt, salt etc. You can have a number of different finishes and colours on your wheel to suit your style and your vehicle.

Your customer satisfaction is pinnacle to our service and we ensure that you are happy with the finished product. We have a quality policy for all of our jobs and this is the focus of all our business across every branch. We also have a 12-month guarantee on all our powder coating services.

You can apply for a quote from our online form which is free and no obligation. If you have any further questions or want some advice feel free to drop us an email or give us a call. The contact details for the new to open Teeside branch is 01642265530 and Teesside@thewheelspecialist.co.uk.