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Where are We Located?

Alloy Wheel Refurbishment in Hillington

Operating in the heart of Hillington (South Glasgow) we cater to Paisley, Motherwell, Hamilton, Barrhead and the surrounding areas offering superior alloy wheel refurbishment to all. If you are looking for the best alloy wheel refurbishment in South Glasgow you have come to the right place.

The Wheel Specialist Glasgow South offers a range of alloy wheel finishes, comprehensive guarantee and a drive in or drop off service to make the whole alloy wheel refurb process as easy as possible.

The alloy wheel repair team in Glasgow South offer manufacturers matches, bespoke designs and an alloy wheel customisation service.

The process for all wheel refurbishment in South Glasgow is simple – you can drive the car to the unit and then collect it later that day or drop off your wheels. All tyres are removed and fully refitted and rebalanced if requested when your wheel refurbishment is complete.

Have you got scuffed alloy wheels in Glasgow? The Wheel Specialist has a dedicated team of trained technicians ready to repair any kerb damage making your wheels look much better.

New tyres and specialist alloy wheel products are available. Pop along to our showroom to take a look at some of the fantastic products we have on offer.

The Wheel Specialist Glasgow South also offers a bespoke diamond alloy wheel cutting service – call now for a quote.

Glasgow South

The Wheel Specialist is a business with centres spread all over the UK. One of the areas they serve is Hillington, Glasgow South, Scotland. The Wheel Specialist offers services of wheel refurbishment and repair, as well as wheel straightening, rim polishing, and centre caps refurbishment.

The wheels on most vehicles are made from either steel or a metallic alloy. The alloy is usually aluminium based, up to 98%, with the remainder composed of metals such as magnesium, nickel, zinc, chromium, copper, iron and titanium in various proportions. Alloy wheels are either cast or forged, and are lighter than steel wheels. Forged alloy wheels tend to be more durable than cast ones.

Alloy wheel refurbishment covers various processes. These include a combination of powder coating and wet spray, which can facilitate a complete colour change, or where there is severe damage to the wheel it can take it back to its original finish. Also, if damage to the wheel is widespread, and covering up parts of it is not practical, then full refurbishment is usually the only option.

Refurbishing the whole wheel requires specialist equipment to remove corrosion and old coatings, and also to repair damage. Specialist ovens are also required in the refurbishment process, making the whole procedure one that is usually beyond the capabilities of the DIY enthusiast. When an alloy wheel has been fully stripped down, a brand new finish can be applied, which will be extremely durable and will look stunning.

Diamond cut wheel refurbishment is a method that removes a thin layer of metal using a lathe. The end result makes the wheel look like new. There is also SMART repair refurbishment, which treats localised areas of damage. This is generally used where the damage is not significant or covering a large area.

There are a number of reasons why someone in Glasgow South might need alloy wheel refurbishment. The original finish might be looking a bit jaded and in need of freshening up, or there may be damage to one or more of the vehicle’s wheels. Alloy wheels are more expensive than steel wheels, so it is often the case that it is more cost effective to repair or refurbish an alloy wheel than to purchase a new replacement. This is generally the case even when an alloy wheel is bent out of shape. Alloy is notoriously difficult to work with compared to steel, but a repair or refurbishment can still be a cheaper option than replacing the wheel.

Alloy wheels can also suffer from galvanic corrosion. If the corrosion is not treated properly and in good time through appropriate wheel refurbishment, it is possible that the wheel will start to lose air pressure through leaking air.

If you live in the Glasgow South area and are in need of alloy wheel repair or refurbishment, why not give The Wheel Specialist a call on 141 473 7047, or drop along their premises at 3 Watt Rd, Glasgow G52 4RY. You’ll be glad you did!

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