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Here is a selection of our most frequently asked questions. If you have a question that isn’t answered here, please contact us and we’ll be happy to answer it.

“Why use The Wheel Specialist rather than a mobile repair service?”

The Wheel Specialist offer a TOTAL all over, specialist refurbishment that mobile alloy wheel repair services cannot offer, for a similar price to what they will charge for a temporary, cosmetic, touch up job. The finishes at The Wheel Specialist give an all over coating and are tougher and longer lasting and will last you for years to come. Mobile services cannot prepare the wheel as thoroughly or strip off old coatings prior to refurbishment so it is impossible for a mobile to achieve the same finish as The Wheel Specialist. In most cases they don’t even remove the tyre, they just mask it off. Just read the rest of our frequently asked questions below and you will see the difference!

“OK, so a full refurbishment is best, but why should I use The Wheel Specialist?”

Thats simple,we are the UK`s largest and longest established refurbishers. Specialising in paint finishing since 1955. Our units are equipped to the highest standards fitted with bespoke equipment tailor made for the full refurbishment process.The network follow strict procedures and processes aiming to consistently ensure excellent customer service and the highest quality finish.We work closely all the main manufacturers developing “new”  coatings and matches to OEM finishes.If we do not offer a particular service you can be assured that there is a very good reason, and that will usually be the safety and service to our customers. The Wheel Specialist are exactly that, specialists , refurbishments is not an “add on” service to another business it is what we are and what we do. Quite simply we are the best.

“What process do you use to refurbish alloy wheels?”

In 100% of cases we fully refurbish the wheels with the tyres off, though we can if you wish do a cosmetic “touch up” job. See our alloy wheel refurbishment procedure for more detail.

“Will my wheels look as good as new?”

If you were to closely compare a wheel that we have refurbished to a brand new wheel, you may be able to see a difference, but otherwise to all intents and purposes your wheels will look as good as new.

The quality of the finish however does depend on the condition of the wheels (see our Terms & Conditions), though we do guarantee to improve your wheels and of course the finish is guaranteed for 12 months.

“Can you refurbish any make of wheel?”

Almost certainly, although there are so many manufacturers that there are bound to be some makes that we haven’t yet refurbished. If your wheels are unusual in any way, send us a photograph and details (make, diameter, composition – alloy, steel and finish required) and we’ll let you know.

“Can you refurbish split rims?”

There are 3 main types of split rim wheel, firstly a 3 piece split rim – these can be refurbished but require breaking down into the 3 sections by the customer prior to the refurbishment. The second type are 2 piece split rims – these can be refurbished and broken down into two sections in branch, then coated and rebuilt. These cannot be coated in one section as the coating will not last. The third type are cosmetic split rims – these can vary in type, many with fake bolts. These are usually fine for refurbishment but may need new bolts.

Please contact us to discuss your specific type of wheels or speak to the manufacturer of your wheels to discuss their recommendations.

“Do refurbished wheels add value to a car?”

It will depend to some extent on the age, make and model of the car and the type of wheel, but in most cases the answer is yes, because newly-refurbished wheels will greatly improve the overall appearance of the car. The higher the value of the car to start with, the greater the chance that refurbishing the wheels will increase its value. Many car traders have said that their customers see the condition of the wheels on a car as an indication of how the car has been treated so therefore having the wheels refurbished can get the car sold quicker.

“How long does the process take?”

Alloys booked in for refurbishment by appointment can be turned around in a working day subject to the following:

    • The wheels must be delivered to us early in the day (ask for times)
    • You require a standard finish (see our Wheel Finishes page)
    • Your wheels are not larger than 18in diameter (alloys over 18in we need for 48 hours to process)
    • We need to confirm this upon receiving the alloys

All other alloys are usually ready for the next working day, unless having bespoke finishes.

“Can chromed alloys be re-chromed?”

Sorry, it is impossible to re-chrome alloys to an acceptable standard in the EU, due to legislation involving the chemical process and the actual adhesion process.

The only option for chromed alloys that are scuffed / tarnished is to re finished / powdercoated by specially preparing the surface, and using one of the bespoke finishes offered by The Wheel Specialist. Please speak to your technician at your local Wheel Specialist  and ask for your individual quote and advice for refurbishing chrome alloys.

“Do you coat steel wheels?”

Yes, we can coat steel wheels.

“What colours can you do?”

We have a range of finishes that we are frequently asked for (see our Wheel Finishes page), but we can finish your wheels in any colour that you want – if it’s not in our normal colour range there may be an additional charge, and we may need advanced notice to obtain or mix the colour that you want. We cannot guarantee same day turnaround for non-standard colours (see our Terms & Conditions).The Wheel Specialist offer Standard,Bespoke and Original manufacturer matches.

“Does the finish last?”

I believe that this is best answered by one of our customers.

“Hi Mark, many thanks for your useful and informative newsletter.I have to say I am really impressed with the quality of your product, it is now more than 2 years since you refurbished the tatty alloys on my Ford Galaxy and apart from a couple of small self inflicted dints they look as good as when they were first done.  Beats the manufacturer’s version by a country mile.  As you promised they are much easier to clean than the original finish, all in all a great product, well done and I wish you every success in the future.”

Best regards Ian

“I have heard that heat treatment on a wheel can make it unstable?

There are many stories about this on various forums and yes if you apply an extreme heat to a local area on a wheel [as in the case for example of spot welding] then this could effect the molecular structure of the wheel and potentially the wheel could become less stable. However this is NOT the case in a powdercoated wheel as the heat that is used does not reach extreme temperatures and the whole wheel is heated at a constant not just in one area. Remember the majority of new wheels are powdercoated originally at manufacture.

“Can you match my centre caps?”

We can paint a similar colour in a wet paint on plastic caps, and powdercoat metal caps but it is important that they are in good condition in order for us to refurbish your centre caps.

“Do the wheels have to be delivered off the vehicle?”

We can accept wheels off the vehicle, with or without tyres, and you can also leave your vehicle with us for the day. Either way you need to book your wheels in beforehand, if you want same day turnaround (subject to our Terms & Conditions). The more notice you can give us the better, as we have a limited number of spaces for customers’ vehicles.

“Do you replace valves?”

Yes, we supply new valves with all refurbished alloy wheels fitted to tyres. We can also supply chromed valves / flush valves if required, please ask for details.

“Can you supply and fit tyres?”

Yes, if you let us know in advance the tyre size, speed rating, and preferred make (if applicable). We can source most makes at very competitive prices usually within 48 hours, and often the same day.

“Can you supply locking wheel nuts or centre caps?”

Yes, we can, but please pre-request this before booking your alloys in for refurbishment .

“Do you provide a courier Service?”

No, we do not provide a courier service but this can easily be arranged by the customer. For example an average quote for collection and delivery UK Mainland: 4 alloys, tyres off, under 40kg: £60 + vat return. The four alloys must be packaged as two parcels.


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