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Who are The Wheel Specialist?

The Wheel Specialist™ business started life in Birmingham under the company name of Lap-Tab Ltd which has been established since 1955. The company has a long standing reputation for its service, quality, and fast turnaround times. Now nationwide The Wheel Specialist can offer customers a professional and complete service, delivered locally and to the highest quality and customer care standards.

So what is The Wheel Specialist all about?

The Wheel Specialist is service provider that focuses on outstanding customer service, top quality, excellent value for money and a quick turnaround time. We are a dynamic and growing company.

The Wheel Specialist provides customers with the ability to transform the look of their car by giving worn, corroded and damaged wheels a complete refurbishment. Wheels can be made to look like new again or be given an individual look. For the driver looking to personalise their car there is a wide range of finishes and colours that will help them achieve the individual look they want. Cars make a statement about their drivers and the wheels play a big part in making a visual impact.

Alloy refurbishment is a very dynamic segment in the car care market because owners are increasingly looking for ways to improve the look of their cars. Not only do wheels get damaged regularly through kerbing, corrosion, and accidents but even well looked after cars suffer as their wheels begin to look shabby and lose their shine after a short time.

The trend in the car industry is for cars to be sold with ever larger alloy wheels that carry very low profile tyres and that have wheel tracks that are increasingly wider as cars become bigger. These factors combine to make wheels ever more susceptible to the threats of kerbing when parking by the side of the road. This is one of the main reasons why after only a short time a new car’s wheels can begin to let down the overall look of the car.

Customers, therefore, want an easy, local, and inexpensive service with a fast turnaround. They want a service that is at a price that presents excellent value for money with both quality and customer service of the highest standards.

All this needs to be delivered quickly to minimise the time a customer’s car is off the road, as often it may be their only vehicle. Proud car owners want the best quality look for their wheels that will last for many years to come.

What do we do for you ?

  • Same day Total Service
  • Drive in or drop off
  • Wide range of finishes including Bespoke and Original manufacturer matches available.
  • 12 Month guarantee on powdercoat finishes (6 Month Guarantee on Diamond Cutting)

Your Car Will Look Great With New Look Wheels!


You can choose from our wide range of colours and finishes to make your wheels look new again or to create a more individual look. Our professional and friendly technicians will advise you on the best options based on your design of wheel and the condition it is in.


The Wheel Specialist will give your wheels a TOTAL REFURBISHMENT of the WHOLE wheel to the very highest standards. Our professional technicians will strip most wheels down to bare metal and prepare it properly to remove any kerbing, corrosion or blemishes before powder coating.


Powder coating is the most durable finish for your wheels which will better protect them than when they were brand new. They will look fantastic and the quality finish will last for many years to come, with no flaking or peeling. Why not visit our showrooms to see for yourself?

(See our FAQ`s to find out the difference between Powder Coating and Wet Painting)

Easy Maintenance

If you’re fed up spending your Sunday mornings trying to clean the brake dust and grime from your wheels then you will love the quality of our refurbished alloy wheels. Dust and grime shifts so easily from the powder coat lacquered surface of our finished wheels.

Caring for your newly refurbished wheels

The Wheel Specialist Total Service

Our Total Service takes care of everything so you don’t have to worry about a thing:

  • Top quality alloy wheel refurbishment, of the whole wheel.
  • Durable powder coating or combination coating to the finish of your choice.
  • Strip & refit your tyres
  • Balance wheels
  • New chrome valves
  • New tyre service


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