The Wheel Specialist in Cardiff have recently had a Mitsubishi Evo in for customisation, finished in Black Chrome.

The wheels have been stripped down of all existing paint to allow the look of wheels to be completely transformed.

This customer chose a Black Chrome finish, giving his car a completely different look.

Black Chrome – The Finished Wheels

Black Chrome 4 Black Chrome 3 Black Chrome 2 Black Chrome 1

Are you looking to customise the look of your car? Changing the colour of your wheels is the perfect place to start.

With the large range of finishes and colours available TWS Cardiff can make your wheels unique.

Give them a call on 01633 873172 or pop into the showroom. While at the showroom a member of staff will be happy to take a look at your wheels for free. They can also offer advise on what the best course of action to achieve the look you’re after. The showroom is located at Unit 16, John Baker Close, Llantarnam Industrial Estate, Cwmbran, NP44 3AX.