Diamond Cut Alloy Wheel Repair

At The Wheel Specialist, we are eager to come to your assistance if you require a diamond cut repair for your alloy wheels. We have been carrying out this work for many years and have the experience, skill and expertise needed to complete the job to the highest standard. Let’s take a closer look at what the repair process entails… 

How it works

The diamond cutting process has a lot in common with powder coating, although this process sees a machine cut finish added to the front face of the wheel. The wheel is fully refurbished with the tyre removed. You can either bring your wheels to us without tyres or ask us to strip and refit the tyres before rebalancing the wheels. We always fit weights to the inside of your wheel when possible to avoid compromising the aesthetics of the wheel’s appearance.

The second stage

We gently blast most wheels by hand to remove layers of lacquer and paint. This enables us to obtain a smooth metal surface before coating takes place. If your wheels are in a very poor condition, we may need to chemically strip them prior to coating. We then prepare and dress the wheels in order to deal with any rim edge or face damage. We cannot work with badly dented or buckled wheels as these need to be written off and replaced rather than repaired. 

What happens next

In the next stage, we gently heat treat the wheels to remove any air from the alloy. We then apply a first stage powder coat and cure it for a set time period. Depending on which finish you opt for, we may then apply a second coating. When the wheels have been cured, we allow them to cool before treating them with our pioneering CNC lathes so they can be diamond cut. 

Is my wheel suitable? 

Not all wheels can be diamond cut repaired. Wheels can only be re-cut a number of times, and we may be unable to offer this service if they have seen a substantial amount of damage and corrosion or if they have embossed wording. We can help if you’re not sure whether your wheel is suitable for a diamond cut repair. When the wheels have been on the lathe, we then apply a clear coat lacquer, returning them to the oven for additional curing. 

Why The Wheel Specialist?

We can offer a same-day total service, and you can drive in or drop off. We can provide a wide range of finishes, with bespoke and original manufacturer matches often being available. You’ll receive a 12-month guarantee, and we will do everything in our power to ensure your wheels look as good as new. You can contact us at any point if you do have any queries about any of the wheel refurbishment services offered by The Wheel Specialist. You can get in touch with us by completing the form on our website. We can provide the first-class service you require so contact us now.


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