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You don’t have to be a petrol head to love your motor’s alloys. You’ll remember the day you collected your gleaming new car from the dealer with its sparkling paintwork and the pristine alloy wheels.

Then in no time at all those cherished alloys begin to look tired and dull, generally caused by a combination of in-grained disc brake dust, road grime, salt and chipped rims from kerbing. And however much you try to clean them they never seem to regain that just-out-of-showroom appearance again. Get an instant quote today.

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Well the good news is that there is a place where you can bring your alloys back to life and it needn’t cost you an arm and a leg. The Wheel Specialist is the UK’s leading specialist in wheel refurbishment and repair, where you not only get your alloys refurbished and returned to sparkling condition but where you’ll find plenty of other helpful, alloy-related services. At a Wheel Specialist you can customise your alloys’ colour to match the finish or colour of your vehicle, fit chrome valve caps and of course get your wheels tracked and balanced to prevent uneven tyre wear or road ‘wobbling,’ both of which can damage the long-term integrity of your alloys and the safety of your vehicle. Bent alloy wheel repairs are a type of wheel repair that we provide.

You will see plenty of smaller alloy wheel repair companies in your locality that claim they can fix your wheels. However, getting your alloys repaired and refurbished requires professionals at every turn of the wheel. At The Wheel Specialist outlets across the UK we only employ highly experienced technicians and who provide expert advice and guidance. We use manufacturers recommended paint colours and finishes and work to the highest quality industry standards.

The choice of finishes available include Powder Coating This is the commonest treatment undertaken and involves the removal of the tyre, gentle hand- blasting of the alloy to remove previous lacquer or paint layers to create a smooth surface. Sometimes, chemicals are introduced prior to blasting if the wheels are in poor condition, mild heating is then used to remove any air before a powder coating is applied and then cured for a set time. Some bespoke finishes like clear-coat require a wet on wet procedure. A lacquer finish will protect the wheel from environmental damage like UV rays, salt, moisture and dirt.

Diamond Cutting is used on corroded diamond cut alloys and where the damage is so great that just applying lacquer will not achieve a quality or long-lasting finish that is The Wheel Specialist’s hallmark. In these cases the diamond cutting process removes a thin layer off the alloy but there are limits to how often you can do this and in these cases adopting a powder finish is a better solution.

The Diamond Cutting Process is another method used and is similar to powder coating with the addition of a machine cut finish to the front face of the wheel.

The Wheel Specialist also undertakes a wide range of Cosmetic Repairs where a small to medium area of the alloy has been damaged but it does not warrant a full alloy refurbishment. Such repairs are not as long-lasting but do provide an excellent method of improving the look of your wheels. Our experienced technicians will always advise on the best course of action.

Whether you drive a Range Rover or a hot hatch, a Ferrari or a family saloon, beautiful alloy wheels are no longer the exclusive of just top of the range vehicles. Whatever vehicle you drive having spotless alloys not only enhances the kerb-appeal of your car but adds value to your vehicle.

Our twenty five years of experience guarantees the quality of our services and our Powder Coating work carried out at The Wheel Specialist comes with either a twelve month warranty. See our terms & conditions for more information.

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