Alloy Wheels Powder Coating

This process is used for colour changes and to match your existing finish.


In 99.9% of cases we fully refurbish the wheel, with the tyre off. You can bring your wheels to us without the tyres, or we can strip and refit the tyres and re-balance the wheels (if we need to use weights when re-balancing, if possible we will endeavour to fit to the inside of the rim so as not to spoil the appearance of the wheel).

Most wheels are gently blasted by hand to remove previous layers of lacquer and paint to obtain a smooth metal surface in preparation for coating. If the wheels are in a particularly poor condition they may be chemically stripped prior to blasting.
DSC_5691The wheels are then prepared, dressed and filled to deal with any damage to the rim edges and the face. (We do not deal with buckled or badly dented wheels as these are safety related structural repairs and wheels should be written off and replaced). Get an instant quote now.

Next the wheels are gently heat treated  to remove any air from the alloy and a first stage powder coat finish is applied and then cured for a set time period .After this if the wheel is having a “special” or “bespoke” finish the wet-in-wet procedure  takes place (e.g. special paint and clear-coat finish). The wheels are also automatically subjected to a further thermal treatment .The lacquer coat is not only applied to enhance the finish but to protect the alloy wheel against environmental influences (UV radiation, salt, moisture, dirt, etc.) at all points.

Many different finishes and colours are available on request for your wheel refurb.

Watch an example of the finishing process below:

Please note although in the majority of instances we would recommend the full refurbishment of the wheel we also offer a cosmetic “touch-up” or smart repair if that’s what you require. Please discuss your  individual requirements with a technical advisor.

Please note: Although we aim to give your wheels the best finish possible the quality of the finish depends on the condition of the wheels before we start to refurbish them (see our Terms & Conditions), though we do guarantee to improve your wheels. All finishes are guaranteed for 12 months against flaking, corrosion and discolouration.

Before and After…

See the difference our alloy wheel refurbishment process makes:


Another “Before” and “After” :


Maintaining your refurbished wheels

The Wheel Specialist do not recommend the use of jet washes using acidic cleaning solutions or any proprietary alloy wheel cleaners as these are specifically designed for polished and unlacquered wheels and can contain acid based cleaners that will attack and in time break down lacquer coatings.

A mild detergent such as washing up liquid and hot water used once a week will suffice! – Click for more information

We also supply a specialist wheel wax to protect your wheels against grit and dirt – click here for further information

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