Alloy Wheel Finishes for any car

The Wheel Specialist offer a wide selection of finishes and services including: powder coated finishes, manufacturer match silvers, bespoke designs, diamond cutting service and cosmetic wheel repair. Click on one of the finishes options to learn more about that type of finish.

At The Wheel Specialist we offer a wide range of finishes and services including: powder coated finishes, manufacturer match silvers, bespoke designs, diamond cutting service and cosmetic wheel repair. Let’s take a look at the various types of wheel finishes that are available, what choices can be made and what the options are for maintenance and repairs.

The key areas we will be looking at are:

  • Colour Changes
  • OEM
  • Cosmetic Repairs
  • Diamond Cutting
  • Maintenance & Repairs

Whether you need some urgent repairs to your wheels or simply fancy giving your vehicle a unique and classy look there are always options and information that you will need to consider. This guide will assist you in making your choice and helping you maintain a long lasting and damage-free set of wheels.

Colour Changes

Many people love to showcase their vehicle with a jazzy new look and having your wheels repainted in something other than the standard silver or black is an easy way of going about this. Having a full alloy wheel respray can really enhance the look and finish of your vehicle.

Your wheels will be given a fresh powder coating finish that will look great and also be long lasting. The wheel will be hand blasted to smooth the surface down and remove any niggling remnants of a previous finish. The powder coating will then be applied and allowed to set before a final protective lacquer is placed over the top to protect your wheels from the natural elements that can cause corrosion.


This service is similar to a colour change but just involves bringing the wheel back to their best condition as per the original factory specification. The finish will be the same or extremely close to the original colour and will involve the same powder coating process as with colour changes.

This is a great service for someone who wants to give their wheels a bit of a facelift whilst adding to the protection a worn wheel may be needing after extensive use.

Cosmetic Repairs

Sometimes your wheels will give way to the strain of mileage and general wear and tear. This may not affect the entire wheel and where the damage is fairly minor, a cosmetic repair to that part of the wheel is recommended. Whilst it’s not as comprehensive as a full refurbishment it will help keep your wheel stable and protected in the meantime.

Advice is always available and you will be given the best options that address the particular problem that you may have.

Diamond Cutting

Designed for giving your wheels a shinier finish, Diamond Cutting is another option for drivers who would like a new look for their wheels. It involves removing the top layer of the alloy with a diamond cutting machine and can only be done once or twice or the integrity of the wheel is compromised and will not retain its original strength.

Diamond cutting can produce very noticeable results and will certainly make your wheels look dramatic but the finish is not as durable as powder coating so the finish will not be as long lasting. It is also worth checking that your wheels are suitable for diamond cutting as some older or more extensively damaged examples may not warrant this treatment.

Maintenance & Repairs

Here is a brief list of how to look after your wheels and keep them looking good whilst maximising the protective finish that keeps them in great shape.

• Always wash your wheels when they are cooled, never treat a warm alloy.

• Use warm soapy water

• Use a separate sponge and wash your wheels first before moving onto the rest of the vehicle

• Waxes help with protection

• Avoid acidic cleaners, wire brushes and automated car washes.

For more advice about wheel finishes, please do not hesitate to contact us.