TPMS CAP:• The first line of defence against contaminants entering the valve system.• Ideally plastic to avoid corrosion.
TPMS CORE:• Nickel plated core, NEVER BRASS in aluminium stemmed sensor valves.• Allows tyre to be inflated, seals upon release.• Should always be torque tightened.
HEX NUT:• Used to tighten the valve to the wheel.• Look out for corrosion which may make removal difficult.• Should always be torque tightened.
WASHERS (Metal / Nylon):• Aids the seal between the rim & the sensor valve.• Always fit correct washer(s).
VALVE STEM:• Attached to the sensor body.• Allows access in order to inflate / deflate the tyre.• Can be damaged when using incompatible valve caps, usually chrome. Can be damaged when inflating a tyre with rigid inflation gauges. Sometimes the valve stem can be replaced, but not always. Look out for corrosion. RUBBER SEALS / GROMMETS:Additional seal between the rim & the sensor valve. Fastened under torque & deteriorates over time, similar to rubber valves.
SENSOR BODY:• An electronic device transmitting: Tyre Pressure Tyre Air Temperature Battery Status Unique ID Number.• Some or all of these data fields are captured by the vehicle ECU to report low pressure / punctures to the driver.• Battery is not replaceable but usually lasts between 3-5 years dependent on use of vehicle / miles travelled.
SCREW:• Holds replaceable stems in place.• Should always be torque tightened.

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