Tyres – Get new safe fittings

To make life a little easier for our customers, The Wheel Specialist can offer new tyres for any vehicle.

While having your wheels refurbished, why not let The Wheel Specialist’s expert team fit your vehicle with brand new tyres? We also supply winter tyres at great rates.

Tyre safety is paramount. You should check your tyre tread depth regularly and ensure that you change your tyres before they reach the legal UK limit of 1.6mm across the middle three-quarters and around the entire tyre. Many tyre experts recommend that you should change your tyres when they reach a 3mm tread depth. One way of checking your tyre tread depth is by using the widely known “20p tyre test”, this involves using a 20p coin to check the depth of your tyre tread, by inserting it into the lowest point of tread on your tyre and establishing whether or not you are able to see the outer edge of the coin. However, in order to gather more accurate results, it is often suggested that a tyre tread depth tool is used. These tyre tread depth tools are widely available online and can be purchased at a relatively low cost.

Always follow official advise published by the UK Government. You can find more information about tyre and general vehicle safety on the Gov.uk website.

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