The Wheel Specialist Policies & Customer Infromation

General Policies

I confirm that by proceeding with my refurbishment I understand that I have chosen a bespoke colour, and take responsibility for that colour choice.

Always taking safety seriously The Wheel Specialist Customer Policy on dealing with coronavirus.

The Wheel Specialist is committed to ensuring the health and safety of all employees and customers. This policy sets out steps that we are taking in order to help tackle the coronavirus, and, expectations of customers.

Please follow Government guidelines, both whilst at work, and in daily life. Full information can be found on the .Gov website.

With everyone’s safety in mind…

  • We ask that you keep a minimum of 2 metres away from other people and follow any branch-specific instructions that are provided.
  • We have instigated a contactless process, where no signatures are required to be taken from you. For this, you will require a smartphone.
  • All staff are adhering to government guidelines on handwashing and hygiene.
  • Before entering your vehicle (if required), all staff will wash their hands and use clean gloves and masks.
  • Clean seat covers and floor mats will be used in your vehicle.
  • Equipment that requires customer use (e.g. card payment machines) is cleaned between use.

If you begin to display symptoms of the virus, you must follow government guidance.

By proceeding I accept that although The Wheel Specialist will use its reasonable endeavours to match the colour, due to environmental factors and paint availability the colour may not be a ‘perfect’ match in every case.

At The Wheel Specialist we guarantee our full total wheel powder coated refurbishments and would recommend these are the best finishes for your wheels.

Due to the nature of a cosmetic touch up / smart repair utilising an existing finish we are unable to give the normal guarantees on these finishes.

The process of refurbishing diamond cut alloy wheels involves the removal for material from the outward facing surface of the wheel. This can only be done a limited times before either (or both) of the following can occur:

  • Potential weakening of the integral strength of the wheel structure due to the physical removal of aluminium
  • Loss of any embossed logos or manufacturer names on the front face.

It is your responsibility to inform us, if your wheel has been previously cut.

All wheels will be checked for buckling prior to commencing diamond cutting. If the wheel is deemed by The Wheel Specialist to be ‘out-of-tolerance’ then we reserve the right to refuse to continue the work.

We will attempt to straighten wheels that have been flat spotted or the rims have been bent however there may be an additional charge for this. We will not attempt to straighten a buckled or twisted wheel. The process of diamond cutting an alloy wheel involves the removal of metal from the front face of the wheel; in extreme and in rare unforeseen circumstances this process can cause damage, rendering the wheel unrepairable or expose marks in the actual casting of the alloy which can then be visible.

Depending on the severity of the damage to be removed, the appearance of the wheel can change. Should your wheel(s) show marks in the actual wheel casting or be damaged beyond repair then we will not be responsible for replacing the wheel. For details of any refunds or liability please see our Terms & Conditions
We take the issue of your safety extremely seriously and will consider the suitability of your wheels presented for repair/refurbishment on an individual basis. If in our view carrying out such work would compromise your safety we will err on the side of caution and refuse to do so.

I have been advised by The Wheel Specialist that one or more of the tyres on my vehicle may be damaged / illegal, and that The Wheel Specialist shall not be responsible or liable for any consequences including loss and damage arising out of the continued use, against The Wheel Specialist’s advice, of the damaged / illegal tyres.

Magnesium wheels are prone to corrosion damage and deep pitting caused by oxidisation on the wheel. Corrosion can occur underneath an existing coating/finish that may appear to be in a reasonable state, thus not visible until preparation of the wheel is fully under way. This can affect the overall finish achieved.

The Wheel Specialist have developed a technique that will help seal the wheel prior to applying our powder coat and wet paint combination finishes however we cannot guarantee Magnesium wheel finishes/repairs under the standard TWS Guarantee policy. We do however guarantee the powder coat finish for six months.

It is essential that prior to having your motorbike wheel/s refurbished that you have removed any surplus grease or oil from the wheel/s outside and inside.

You are advised that any bearing surfaces such as the wheel bearing need to be masked to prevent the shot blasting process roughening them.  This can be achieved with two large discs of metal or washers and a length of All Thread.

All external threads should be masked with 6 turns of masking tape Blank off internal threads using old bolts.

The Wheel Specialist takes no responsibility for component/failure or mechanical faults due to the removal, refurbishing or refitting of Motorcycle wheels.

I have read and understood the information above and would like The Wheel Specialist to refurbish my wheel(s)

Due to the nature of the process or finish selected we are unable to give a guarantee.

I agree I have been advised that there is no guarantee with my chosen refurbishment and I wish to proceed.

I give The Wheel Specialist full permission to drive my vehicle on the road for the purpose of a road test.

I understand my vehicle will only be taken out onto the road for the purpose of fault finding and/or confirmation a fault has been rectified.

You are kindly reminded that The Wheel Specialist will endeavour to refurbish your Alloy Wheels to the best of our ability, however, cannot be held responsible for Poor Castings

Most poor castings only become apparent when the old finishes have been removed.

If we discover poor castings, cracks or fractures we will contact you during the process and discuss your options.

In these cases a Standard Silver Finish is recommended as High Gloss/Shine Finishes will make casting defects more noticeable

Due to the nature of a split rim, it may not be possible to see certain issues that may arise when splitting the wheels into its component parts, i.e., rim and face.

Common issues that are found include (but are not limited to):

  • Stuck in bolts
  • Threads stripped
  • Wheel bolt holes tapped at angles
  • Cracked holes in the barrel of wheels, (Usually found in split rims that have been bought second hand without tyres).
  • Severe corrosion on split rims with chrome rims attached.

Also please bear in mind if the split rims have a chrome rim attached it is not possible to remove without damage being caused.

All these issues will usually incur additional costs.

If we discover any of the above issues, we will contact you and discuss your options.

We take the issue of your safety extremely seriously and will consider the suitability of your wheels presented for repair/refurbishment on an individual basis. If in our view carrying out such work would compromise your safety we will err on the side of caution and refuse to do so.

TPMS Customer Information

Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) constantly monitor tyre pressures using tyre sensors in all four tyres and alert the driver with a visual and/or audible warning if there is any change in pressure or temperature.

Having TPMS fitted to your vehicle improves your safety as the system checks tyre pressure every few seconds reducing your chance of a blowout or accident related to tyre pressure, and also helps save you time as there’s no need to carry out manual pressure checks. TPMS can also save you money as having the correct tyre pressure maximises tyre life and also helps improve fuel efficiency.

We are always extremely careful when removing your valves when your wheels are refurbished – however, TPMS valves/sensors can have corrosion or be cracked without being visible when the tyres are in place. But when the pressure is reduced this can cause the casement to come apart. This damage will have occurred during normal use with the pressure of the air having maintained the casement integrity.

As this damage is not caused by the removal of the tyre for the wheel refurbishment process then the cost of the replacement part will be charged to the customer.

The utmost care is always taken of your vehicle whilst it is with us however we wish to draw your attention to these unforeseen issues.

TPMS Policy 

The Wheel Specialist will not be liable or responsible if TPMS [if fitted] is damaged during removal, if any element has been damaged by wear and tear or corrosion.

Please note that if any valve/component is damaged and requires repair or replacement parts, The Wheel Specialist will notify you as soon as possible and additional charges may apply.

The utmost care is always taken of your vehicle whilst it is with us however we wish to draw your attention to these unforeseen issues.

In relation to the issues discussed, The Wheel Specialist in their opinion believe that the wheel is not road worthy.

By proceeding I understand that any refurbishment carried out is for cosmetic purposes only and understand the wheel should not be for road use.

Wheel Straightening Service Customer Information

We will attempt to straighten wheels that have been flat spotted or the rims have been bent – this is usually the result of hitting pot holes or kerbing the wheels.

We will not attempt to straighten a buckled wheel.

There is a big difference between a bent wheel and a buckled wheel. A buckled wheel means that the wheel has been buckled from the centre hub of the wheel making the wheel when spinning to go in and out, this indicates that some part of the wheel the alloy has been stretched. This is common when impact has been made with force on the side of the wheel (i.e. skidded and hit the kerb side on).

In general, the rotational axis of the wheel has been damaged and you will never be able to balance the wheel and tyre properly resulting in vibration, in this case the wheel is not considered road-worthy and potentially dangerous we will not attempt to straighten/repair the wheel.

A bent wheel or flat spotted wheel is usually caused by excessive kerbing and head on pot holes collisions. This damage results in the wheel rims being bent meaning the wheel circumference is misshapen and not identical all the way around (i.e. not completely round). A bent wheel when fitted with a tyre can be balanced correctly as the axis is not affected. You may however still experience vibration until it is repaired. In the majority of cases The Wheel Specialist can repair these wheels using our wheel straightening equipment and techniques.

Wheel Straightening Policy


We take the issue of your safety extremely seriously and will consider the suitability of your wheels presented for repair/straightening on an individual basis. If in our view carrying out such work would compromise the integrity of your wheels or your safety we will err on the side of caution and refuse to repair the wheel.

Any wheel, no matter how slightly bent, MAY crack during the straightening process. Most wheels do not crack and we will take every precaution to maintain the integrity of your wheel. If the wheel can be repaired via welding this will be offered as an additional service via a third party, however wheel welding is not recommended by The Wheel Specialist. Additional charges will apply. Please refer to the Wheel Welding Disclaimer for full information.

There may be some marking to the wheel in the straightening process, while we try to minimise this it is possible that some marks will be visible. If this is a concern, we can offer a full refurbishment process for an additional charge.

All work carried out at your request is entirely at your own risk and you agree to take full responsibility for all future possible consequences.

I have read and understood the information above and agree I have been advised as to the viability of an attempted repair to my wheel(s) where possible.

The Wheel Specialist do not carry out or recommend the welding of wheels.

The Wheel Specialist will use a third-party company for welding, and other than in respect to us using our reasonable endeavors to select a competent engineer to carry out such works, accept no liability for the welding work undertaken by the third-party company.

Due to the welding process, the welded area may have small pin holes which can only be seen after the refurbishment process. We accept no responsibility for this as it is due to the welding process.

I have read and understood the statement above and wish The Wheel Specialist to use the services of a third-party welder and continue with the repair, regardless of the advice above.

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