Here at The Wheel Specialist, we are always on hand to offer the best automotive advice we can, especially if it’s anything to do with wheels. British weather has been unpredictable lately to say the least, but as our winter temperatures are creeping in, the enhanced performance your winter tyres will offer you is a hard thing to ignore. Taking a look back at the Met Office figures from last winter, averagely across the UK from November to March, the temperatures dipped well below 7 degrees Celsius which is when winter tyres become the safest option.

Winter tyres are designed to cope in challenging winter conditions such as snow and ice, they work far better than regular tyres by dramatically reducing the stopping distances. They are compulsory in some countries that suffer from severe weather conditions. Following snowy winters and potentially hazardous conditions over the last few winters in the UK, is it worth fitting them to your car?

So what makes winter tyres so effective? How do they work? The tyres compound and tread pattern differs from that of regular tyres, giving them extra grip. In winter conditions summer tyres can become harder, less elastic and therefore they suffer from reduced performance. Information collated by the Department of Transport found that the percentage of UK car accidents as a result of skidding is 48% in the winter, in comparison to just 11% in dry conditions. Make sure you keep safe this winter and get your winter tyres fitted.

AS you know here at TWS we like to look after our customers, we can offer you new tyres for any vehicle and as we are not tied down to a supplier, we can get your tyres for you at very competitive prices. Don’t risk your safety this winter, or your newly refurbished alloys! We will supply and fit your tyres for you at great rates.