Located in St.Albans, Watford, Hertfordshire or Himal Hempstead, with alloy wheels in serious need of refurbishment? Then look no further, The Wheel Specialist St.Albans are here to provide you with a top quality alloy wheel repair. Both the public and trade in and around St.Albans will be offered a same day first class total wheel refurbishment service. Find the branch easily by car or public transport on the Beech Industrial Estate. Have you managed to scuff your alloy wheels? Or are they kerb damaged or corroded, The Wheel Specialist St.Albans will turn your wheels around with their specialist service, transforming the look of your whole car. At TWS St.Albans refurbishment services vary from; a total whole wheel refurbishment and repair of the wheel, unique customisation/ colour change, and even a diamond cut finish. Fancy something slightly different that suits your make and model, St.Albans will provide you with a wide range of specialist finishes. As well as a vast selection of alloy wheel care products to keep your wheels looking good as new, The Wheel Specialist St.Albans can also provide you with a new tyre service.

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