Sorry for the delay in updates folks but we have been so busy making wheels look awesome we haven’t had type to tell you what’s been going on so here’s an update for December and January at Cwmbran.

Several real interesting sets of wheels, some fantastic wheel rescues and club monthly meets made up for a hectic couple of months. So here’s an update of what we have been up to.

Firstly our monthly meets.

Once again in December and January Scoobie club were excellent as usual a fantastic crowd that if you have a Subaru you need to join and come to the meets the 1st Sunday of every month.

Then we had South Wales Honda meet the 2nd Sunday of January (the next is the 2nd Sunday in March). Now this was a little surprising. I think we need to get a bigger car park. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves

Honda meet

We have a fantastic new range of Candy colours available, you can see some in the pics below. These go from candy gold through to candy black with a range in the middle including lollipop red, psycho lime, tropic orange and many, many more. So if you fancy something different call us on 01633 873 172 or better still if you are based in and around; Cardiff, Newport, Cwmbran, and South Wales pop in and take a look.

Candy Red

Finally our wheel rescues of the month

A customer had invested in a set of very rare Work Ryver touring split rims that were tired to say the least and wanted to try candy gold with polished lips. His wish was our command. They came out wonderfully. We laid on a Sports Silver on the base and then a heavy metal flake, then the gold candy lacquer. Polished all the bolts and rebuilt them. He was over the moon. What a transformation.

Work Ryver 3

It was the season for split rims; we refurbished and customised numerous sets including 2 sets of BBS BMW Z4 splits. One set was in a candy red with polished lip and the other was in gold with a black lip.

We will have more wheel rescues and club news for you next month. In the meantime if you need any help with your wheels give us a call we are here to help, advise, refurbish and customise.