The Wheel Specialist UK celebrated their 4th annual conference this month following 7 years of successful franchising. Their 21 dedicated franchisees, with a further 5 planned this year; are a testament to their commitment to ethical franchising and a strong business foundation.

The alloy wheel refurbishment and customisation company, formed from the original business LapTab, which was founded in Birmingham in 1955, signed 4 new franchisees last year. With network sales in excess of £4.7 million and a continued 100% renewal rate for all franchisees, the future looks promising for this prosperous franchise.

Based in Lapworth, West Midlands, the company is led by managing directors Neill and Ginny Murphy, Ginny received the EWIF award for Women Franchisor of the Year franchise award last year and also obtained her QFP (Qualified Franchise Professional) from the BFA.

When asked what she believes the growing success of The Wheel Specialist is down to, Ginny said; “Our philosophy is to provide as much support as possible, in all areas of the business to franchisees, which has resulted in our natural organic growth through referrals and recommendations. Our significant network growth, undeniable success and profitability of each franchise, coupled with the unwavering support offered to all is second to none, and this has resulted in our continued success which speaks for itself.”

Ginny is a firm believer in celebrating the hard work of all of the franchisees, hence the award ceremony held every year at the Annual Conference.

The awards presented each year are as follows; Best new franchise start up (Awarded to Kenny Wood in Inverness), Highest sales (Awarded to John and Lynda Welsh in Newcastle), Highest product sales (Awarded to Mark Harnden in Nottingham), Best sales and marketing (Awarded to Sarah Kerr in Fareham), Best customer service (Awarded to Scott and Alison Christie in Glasgow North), Most improved franchise (Awarded to Colin Smith in Edinburgh), Overall best performing franchise (Awarded to John and Lynda Welsh in Newcastle) and Dedication and commitment to The Wheel Specialist (Awarded to Jon King in Cardiff).

“The Annual Conference is a way to reflect on the successes of the previous year, and plan further ones for the coming year. We value the input of the network, and strive to build our business year on year. 2013 was a fantastic year for The Wheel Specialist and we look forward to making 2014 equally successful if not more so.” Added Ginny