If you haven’t already, find out why the transition from steel wheels to alloy wheels could be the move for you. A Motorsport development; alloy wheels are made from aluminium alloy, moving away from the generic steel wheels. Therefore alloy wheels are naturally more lightweight; reducing weight and therefore increasing performance and economy.

Getting just a little technical here; the less weight that isn’t borne by the car’s suspension system the better … Improving the ride of the car over bumps and it’s handling around bends, basically an overall improvement of your cars responses … not suggesting your driving needs it of course, but every little helps.

One last benefit to enhance your driving experience, simple but effective; alloy wheels are generally larger than a standard wheel, requiring bigger tyres. Therefore resulting in increased grip; consequently allowing you to benefit in terms of brake performance, traction and cornering.

Your car will have never looked so good, driving your way! New alloy wheels not an option right now, but your steel wheels are looking a little worse for wear? Not to worry, being the Wheel Specialist, we refurbish any kind of wheels. With our durable powder coat finishes whether alloy or steel wheels, you’ll wheels will look better than new, and best of all they’ll stay that way.

In need of new tyres in the transition from steel wheels to alloy wheels, we provide competitive pricing on all of our wheel refurbishments and new tyres.

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