Be honest … once a month? Once every six months? Have you ever checked it?

Without checking your oil levels serious and permanent damage can be caused to your vehicle. It only takes a matter of seconds to do but could save you thousands of pounds down the line. More often than not, by the time you realise your oil level is low, the damage can be past the stage of repair. Therefore it is essential you regularly top up to prevent your oil reaching dangerously low levels.

Just to give you a rough idea, a badly damaged Peugeot 207 could cost £800 and upwards to repair, a Ford Focus could cost £2,200 and over, and an Audi A3 engine would be £3,200 and over to repair!

Now for the really shocking news 47% of you do not check their oil as often as you should, and 27% of you never check your engine oil level. The AA reported approximately one fifth of UK motorists currently have seriously low levels of engine oil.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you … check your engine oil levels.

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