Here at The Wheel Specialist Swansea we are the experts in alloy wheel repair and customisation; colour changing your wheels to whichever colour you desire. Every now and again a certain colour match trends like no other. Recently the story of four Brand New Jaguar XF’s came about, colour changing to Gloss Black within days of each other.

The story began with a Pearl White Jaguar XF; which had Gloss Black customised wheels ready for the first day of the 63 Plate Registration, proudly presented in the Stratstone Jaguar and Land Rover dealership. Whilst in the showroom within the same day 3 more people purchasing the new Jaguar also opted for the exact same finish. So by the end of the week The Wheel Specialist Swansea stepped into action and delivered the fourth Pearl White Jaguar XF with Gloss Black customisation delivered in record time.

There was a 5th customer who liked the Gloss Black wheels so much he too asked for a customisation……. but he bought a Range Rover, never mind four out of five ain’t bad.

See below for some pictures of the alloy wheel refurbishment that caught so many peoples eye… If you’re based in Swansea or the surrounding areas; Bridgend, Port Talbot, Neath, Rhondda, you too can receive this fantastic level of wheel customisation and customer service, and in any colour you desire.

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