What are the benefits of being a Franchisee?

  1. Businesses that start up from scratch have a very high failure rate; this is mainly down to the learning curve of the owner. By the time they know their business, their market and figure out how to operate efficiently it’s too late. Franchising dramatically reduces this curve and increases the chance of success. [Conventionally, the general statistic is that there is a 5% failure rate for franchises, versus the 50% failure rate for independent small businesses and start ups].
  2. Potential franchisees have the time to research the level of investment, see if it is right for them and make an informed decision. Often in start up businesses costs can vary wildly making it difficult to truly know the financial investment involved.
  3. Each and every franchisee currently acts as a case study for the franchisors claims. You can use individual franchise operations as a bench mark that can help you to evaluate and substantiate the investment level.
  4. Franchisors sell a defined, proven business model or method of operation, offering a product or service that has been sold successfully. An independent business is based on untried ideas and operations.
  5. Franchisees can supply low cost goods and services purchased through the franchisor, increasing the buying power of the network and subsequently increasing the profit margin for the franchisees. This would be impossible for an individual set up.
  6. Established franchises can offer a brand, image, identity and reputation which for the individual would be impossible to realistically achieve single handed.
  7. Good franchisors help potential franchisees develop a business plan, offer business guidance, and provide bespoke advice on setting up in business. Who would a person starting up their own business call if they were struggling?
  8. A good franchisor will provide an initial intensive training course to teach franchisees all they need to know about running their business, backed with continual and ongoing support.
  9. Franchising provides a uniform system of operation so that the customer gets the same quality throughout the network, bringing mass purchasing power, brand identification and customer loyalty.
  10. You are your own boss and working towards securing your own financial future, following a business model that dramatically increases the chance of your success.

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