Alloy wheels are made from an alloy of light metals and other elements such as magnesium or aluminium. They’re often preferred over steel wheels because they are very lightweight, which means they provide faster acceleration and braking. Their strength and durability make them perfect for even the most extreme driving conditions. This is largely because of their ability to effectively dissipate heat from brake components, which is something that steel wheels cannot achieve as well.

So, what happens when your alloy wheels need to be repaired or refurbished? If you live in Slough and Windsor and require an alloy wheel repair service, look no further than The Wheel Specialist Maidenhead for all of your alloy repair needs.

What is alloy wheel refurbishment?

Alloy wheel repair Slough is best done by a professional who knows exactly how to repair and refurbish your alloy wheels. The process involves removing the tyres and stripping the wheel. This removes the current finish and is a necessary step before you can begin alloy wheel repair in Windsor or Slough.

The next step is to blast the wheel and remove any corrosion. Any scuffs or gouges in the wheels will be closely inspected for the wheel refurbishment in Slough. If the gashes are quite deep, they may need to be sanded or even filled. Once the wheel is smooth, it’s ready for a professional alloy wheel refurbishment. A base coat is applied first using a traditional metallic paint in silver.

Finding an alloy wheel refurbishment in Slough and Windsor

Anyone living in Slough and Windsor may require a professional alloy wheel refurb. It not only improves the appearance of your car, but it enhances your wheels and makes them stronger and more durable.

Thankfully, you won’t have to travel far if you’re searching for an alloy wheel refurbishment near Slough or Windsor. The Wheel Specialist is known for their long-standing reputation, quality service and fast turnaround times.

Who is the Wheel Specialist?

Established in 1955, The Wheel Specialist are a team of highly trained and skilled mechanics who can transform alloy wheels with a complete refurb. This involves revitalising worn and corroded wheels with a professional refurbishment.

Wheel Specialist Services

Whilst aesthetics is important, the Wheel Specialists also focus on repairing corrosion on the inside of your alloy wheels. This refurb process is available in Slough and Windsor, providing you with a complete alloy wheel repair.

We offer a range of quality alloy wheel refurb services including the Total Service package. This takes away all of the worries you might have about your car or the wheels. We provide a top quality alloy wheel refurbishment and use a durable powder coating or combination coating so you can have the finish of your choice. We also strip and refit your tyres, balance the wheels, add new chrome valves and a completely new tyre service if required.

We also offer additional services at the Wheel Specialist in Slough and Windsor. This includes rim polishing, which is when we use our multi-functional bespoke polishing equipment to give you the best possible results. Extra services include centre caps refurbishment, wheel straightening, tyre pressure monitoring systems and curing air loss in tyres due to corrosion of the inner surface of your alloy wheel.

Why Choose The Wheel Specialist for your alloy wheel refurbishment?

If you need an alloy wheel repair in Windsor or an alloy refurb in Slough, there’s no better choice than the Wheel Specialist. The local Maidenhead branch can solve all of your alloy wheel needs. As the UK’s leading alloy wheel repair, refurbishment and customisation specialist, you’ll receive a professional alloy wheel refurbishment with outstanding customer service and guaranteed quality.