Alloy Wheel Repairs In Bracknell & Ascot

Many people love to keep their car in pristine condition, but how often do you think about the wheels? While many will wash their car and change tyres regularly, your vital wheels often go unloved and, as a result, they become scratched, scuffed or otherwise damaged.

If you’re in the Bracknell and Ascot area and want to get your wheels back to peak shape, The Wheel Specialist offers expertise in alloy wheel refurbishment!

What Is Alloy Wheel Refurbishment?

Over time, alloy wheels can become scuffed, corroded or otherwise damaged on the surface. You can clearly see this when looking at older cars that have gone without treatment. All the little chips, such as from loose stones and the elements, can damage the condition of your wheels.

Our alloy wheel refurb, available in both Bracknell and Ascot, uses a number of advanced techniques to restore wheels to factory perfection. We can remove minor dents, restore the colour to your chosen preferences and even rebuff the entire wheel – removing the old lacquer and providing a fresh, new layer of protection. The end result is old wheels that look fresh and great once again, but without the expensive manufacturer’s price tag!

Why Would Someone Need Alloy Wheel Refurbishment?

Your car wheels are just as important as any other area of the car. If you ignore them for too long, their appearance will be impacted.

Refurbishment serves to restore the appearance of your wheels, or change it completely! All at a cost that is lower than replacing your alloys with brand new manufacturer replacements.

Finding The Right Alloy Wheel Repair Specialists

As our name suggests, The Wheel Specialist is focused primarily on getting your wheels in the best possible shape.

We offer numerous specialised services, including:

If you come to any of our branches, we offer a fast, professional service. Our experts can also advise you on any issues you might have, recommending the best course of action for you, your wheels and your car.

Wheel Refurbishment Near Me

In addition to our skills and expertise, we also have two branches that can readily serve the Bracknell and Ascot areas. Our Maidenhead centre is located in Cordwallis Industrial Estate on Clivemont Road, while our Farnborough centre is found in Hawley Lane Trade Centre.

So, do you think its time your wheels got an uplift? Get rid of old scratches and revamp your wheels. Come see us!