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About Us

Welcome to The Wheel Specialist Colchester, your number one choice for wheel repairs, refurbishment, customisation and diamond cutting of alloy wheels in East Anglia. Whether it’s your own personal car or if you’re a business in the motor trade with hundreds of vehicles, The Wheel Specialist will be happy to meet your requirements.

Offering a whole host of wheel services our knowledge base spans across a variety of wheel repair, refurbishment and protection methods for all types of wheels. The refurbishment processes we use for wheels include removing old coatings, carrying out repairs to existing damage such as scratch marks, dents or corrosion and applying a brand new finish with durable powder coating. We also offer SMART repairs, which are smaller repairs applied to specific areas of wheel damage. Looking for a more unique look to your wheels? Our service enables you to have your wheels refurbished in virtually any colour of your choosing.

Services that we provide at The Wheel Specialist include:

– Wheel Refurbishment
– Wheel Repair
– Diamond Cutting
– Wheel Straightening
– Wheel Balancing
– And much more!

Our professional team in Colchester is fully trained and here to help provide you with the best advice for your specific needs. Just take a look at our reviews if you need any convincing about what makes The Wheel Specialist the UK’s #1 Alloy Wheel Refurbishment Franchise.

We provide wheel refurbishment services to the whole Ipswich, Felixstowe, Harwich and Colchester area. Our aim is to provide the best alloy wheel refurbishment in the region, so whether you’re in Ipswich or Colchester then give us a call today.

Looking for a price to refurbish your alloys? After providing us with some basic information about your vehicle and the service you’re looking for we’ll have a quote to you in no time.

Please feel free to pop into our branch at any time where one of our specialist technicians will be happy to take a look at your wheels completely free of charge, with no obligation and advise you of the best course of action for your wheels.

Colchester Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

More and more Colchester drivers are breathing new life into their alloy wheels by having them refurbished by esteemed professionals. Alloy wheels can be very expensive to replace, which is why it makes so much sense to have them repaired instead of simply purchasing new ones. The Wheel Specialist is a market-leading alloy wheel refurbishment company that has been a big player in the motoring trade for over six years and has been fixing alloy wheels for more than 35 years. We have branches across the UK and are known for our first-class standards and quick turnaround times. We offer wheel refurbishment services for a fraction of what you would pay for replacement wheels.

Alloy wheel refurbishment processes

Our “Total Service” wheel refurbishment processes will leave your wheels with an impressive finish. In most cases, wheels are fully refurbished, and customers can take their wheels to The Wheel Specialist with or without the tyres on their wheels. There are many different finishes and colours to choose from.

Diamond cut and SMART repairs

Diamond cut wheel refurbishment is carried out using one of our specialist diamond cut lathes to take away a micro section off the face of the wheel, leading to a classic diamond cut wheel finish. Cosmetic or SMART repairs are fixes for small areas of damage, with colour matching being used to create a seamless finish.

Need bespoke wheels?

We offer outstanding repairs for damaged, corroded and worn wheels. You can either opt to make your wheels looking factory fresh or instead opt for a bespoke look to personalise your vehicle and make a real statement. Alloy wheels can become damaged for various reasons, such as accidents, kerbing and corrosion. Even if you take great care of your wheels, they may start to lose their shine after a while, but we can bring them back to life in style.

Facing problems with kerbing?

One of the reasons why kerbing is such a common problem amongst alloy wheel owners is that manufacturers are producing large alloy wheels with low profile tyres and wide wheel tracks. We can put things right quickly if you have experienced damage from kerbing or anything else, whilst offering outstanding value for money and minimising the amount of time your car spends on the road. Our powder coat finishes on standard wheels come with a 12-month guarantee and we can strip and refit your tyres, balance your wheels and add new chrome valves.

Contact The Wheel Specialist in Colchester

You can connect with The Wheel Specialist via a variety of social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. To get in touch with us today, simply use the contact form on our site so we can direct your enquiry to the Colchester team.