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Putting your safety and wheels first…

CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19): All of our branches are now open, operating a contactless process. You should contact your nearest branch to confirm opening hours and appointments before visiting. Please familiarise yourself with our national customer policy on dealing with coronavirus.

Get the latest guidance from the .gov website at:

Shortly before the government officially announced lockdown in March 2020, we decided to temporarily close our branches. This was to ensure the safety of all of our staff and customers. During the interim, we were hard at work designing and implementing our contactless process. Having now made sure that COVID-secure measures are in place, all of our branch are re-open with this new super-efficient and covid-secure process for customers.

wash hands

Regular handwashing and PPE

All staff are adhering to government guidelines on handwashing and hygiene. Before entering your vehicle (if required), all staff will wash their hands and use clean gloves and masks. Clean seat covers and floor mats will be used in your vehicle.


Increased Cleaning

Equipment that requires customer use (e.g. card payment machines) is cleaned between use. Branches are being cleaned regularly with disinfectants.

social distancing

Social Distancing

As per current government guidance, we ask all staff and customers to maintain a two-metre distance from others at all times.

About our contactless process

  • For your safety and ours, please ensure you have a pre-booked appointment before visiting our branches.

  • Upon arrival, please call the branch landline number to make a member of staff aware of your arrival. Do not attempt to enter the showroom unannounced.

  • Special safety areas have been established where the exchange of keys and payments can be done as hygienically as possible.

  • We have made our process paperless in order to help prevent transmission of the virus. You will need a smartphone in order to complete our contactless process.

  • All staff are practising high-levels of hygiene adherence in-line with government guidance.

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