Caring for your refurbished wheels

Maintaining your new wheels

Powder coating is very durable and you will be amazed at the ease of cleaning your wheels, no more Sunday mornings wasted scrubbing away for hours on end!

Cleaning your wheels

The best way to clean your wheels is to use Wheel Clean. The Wheel Specialist’s Wheel Clean is a pH neutral formula that specifically targets iron and metallic particles left behind by today’s modern brakes whilst also containing vital degreasers to remove road film and other contaminants.

Never use abrasive cleaners, wire wool pads or electric buffers. Avoid car-wash wheel cleaners at all times on refurbished wheels.

Use our Wheel Protect product to help protect your wheels after cleaning.

Protect your wheels

The Wheel Specialist’s Wheel Protect is a spray-on ceramic sealant that increases the protection and gloss of ceramic coating even further and can be used as a standalone sealant as well.

Using Wheel Protect alongside The Wheel Specialist’s Wheel Clean can give your wheels up to 6 months of protection from one treatment, making your wheels even easier to clean in the future.

Dress your Tyres

Our Tyre Dress is a rubber and plastic moisturiser that has been designed to feed directly into the area being treated, which will over time cause the areas treated to be supple and protected.

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