Alloy Wheel


What are alloy wheels?

Alloy wheels are typically made from a mixture of either aluminium or magnesium. Wheels that are made from these materials are generally lighter than steel wheels, which allows for quicker acceleration and quicker stopping. Not to mention the fact that they are shinier and add a more stylish look to your vehicle.

What’s the difference between alloy wheels and steel wheels?

A common, older alternative to alloy wheels is steel. Steel wheels are generally heavier than alloy wheels and do not perform as well in many settings but there are, of course, exceptions depending on the exact wheels to be compared.

What do they add to the vehicle?

Alloy Wheels are generally lighter than steel wheels which enables the car to accelerate faster and also reduce braking distance. In addition, this can also be beneficial in terms of fuel economy. Alloy wheels are usually thought to be more aesthetically pleasing.

What happens if they get damaged?

Alloy wheel damage can occur from scraping curbs, corrosion or other types of damage which can lead to chips, scuffs and scratches. A small chip or scratch on your alloy wheels won’t necessarily affect the performance of the wheels right away. However, over time small chips or scratches can lead to corrosion and allow the elements to seep into the wheel finish, eroding it away.

Can they be repaired/restored?

Most scratches and chips on your alloy wheels can be taken care of by our refurbishment process. We also offer services which can repair buckled wheels and other kinds of damage.