Wheels in need of repair?

Refurbishment is the remedy!

About Us

The Wheel Specialist is the UK’s leading alloy wheel repair, refurbishment and customisation specialist. We pride ourselves on providing a professional service, which will improve the look of any car. Only The Wheel Specialist offers outstanding customer service, a guaranteed quality finish and durability. We can also provide a same day alloy wheel refurbishment service, at the fraction of the cost of replacing the wheels.

We can Repair...

– Kerb Damage
– Corrosion
– Buckles
– Cracks
– Chips
– Scratches
– Scuffs
– Scrapes
– and more!

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Refurbish your wheels

Watch out!

Wheel corrosion can totally ruin your alloy wheels if left unchecked. Existing wheel corrosion is only made worse in the winter because of rock salt and various chemicals used on the roads to combat ice and snow. Don't let oxidisation ruin them. Get your wheels refurbished at The Wheel Specialist today and we will have your wheels looking great again and free of pesky corrosion in no time.
Wheel Repair