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Other TWS Services

Centre Caps Refurbishment

Centre caps may just need cleaning, or may require painting. Any printed lettering on caps (or wheels) could be painted over, as it is not practical to mask. Please inform us if you don’t want your caps to be painted. If they are to be painted they will be matched to the wheels – the painting process will depend on whether they are plastic or metal caps. The re-finishing of caps will incur an additional charge.

Wheel Straightening

Ask at you local branch to check if your wheel is suitable for straightening.

Tyre Pressure Monitoring system’s

Since 2012 TPSM, or Tyre Pressure Monitoring system’s are required to be fitted to all newly approved vehicles under law.

Curing Air Loss in tyres due to corrosion of the inner surface of your Alloy Wheel.

When the inner surface of your Alloy Wheel is corroded this can cause air loss in your tyre – refurbishing the wheel can sort this problem out as well giving you great looking wheels. Ask for details.

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